Is celebrity smoke? If yes, then who and who doesn’t? These are the most popular question among the public these days.

Smoking photo of Priyanka Chopra goes on viral and she was trolled for this pic. Even she had twitted that smoking is dangerous for health and she is suffering from asthma, but still, she used to smoke. And she became popular for smoking these days. The pictures were of Miami Beach which clearly shows her pic having a cigarette and her husband, Nick Jonas, and mother in law, Madhu Chopra with Cigar. These all had made her fans, eager to know more about the relation between cigarette and celebrity. You all know that 18th July was a special day for Desi girl. Her husband celebrated her birthday at Miami beach. At the time of the birthday celebration, Priyanka was wearing a red short dress. Her look was much appealing and she gots a lot of appreciation from her fans.

Her smoking pic has become so popular that now fans started to prejudge different celebrity. The most popular question that started to arise in the mind of every fan is, which celebrity smokes and which doesn’t? Recently Bipasa Basu was live on Instagram to conduct a live session. Her fans started to ask her if she also smokes? Bipasa has replied to this question that she never smoke and advice the people in the around her not to smoke.


Sumona, who was recently caught while smoking at the backstage of Kapil Sharma Show. Actually, this picture was of 2years ago and still it was being gonged on viral and popular among the fans. Recently she has also committed that, she used to smoke before, but now onwards she had left to do so.

A few times ago, Ranbir Kapoor was also caught while smoking with a Pakistani actress Mahira Khan in Newyork. That time there was a rumour about the relationship between both of them.


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