Do you know that there exist some centipedes that can even catch the bat in the midnight? What is centipede? These are elongated mammals having a number of legs on their body, due to hundreds of legs on their body they are known as a centipede. You will be a wonder to know more about this centipede that it can even feed the mammals much larger in the size of itself.

Image credits: Tod Baker/Flickr

Do you think that a centipede can also catch a large bat at midnight? Isn't that unbelievable?

A centipede can only grow up to 1.38 inches in length. But, there exist some centipede that can grow up to 17 inches in length known by the name Scolopendra Gigantea. It can grow the size of a forearm of a human. It is a carnivore’s mammal that can feed insects, spiders, mice, bats, and birds, etc. You can watch more in the video:- 

They are really more terrible and a person generally gets afraid of it. It is quite obvious to get terrified with such types of mammals that can even feed the insects are birds that are much larger than its size. There are some centipedes also that are friendly to human and can be kept as a pet in your house. But not every kind of centipede. But you have to take great care of them they can affect you also. There exist some brave people that can even leave them freely and use to play with them. Here is a video of a brave man who is able to handle the ScolopendraGigantea as pets. You can watch this in the video below:-

In the above video, you get the idea about how dangerous aScolopendra Gigantea is. It can even catch its prey in the mid-night. The most powerful weapon of this animal is forcipules on their body, which help them to make other mammals heart to damage either they are vertebrate or invertebrate. Even their size doesn't matter, as the heart stops working, they succeeded and start to feed their food. This looks so terrible that I never want to go near to such types of mammals. Do you like to meet such type of mammals? Give your vote below.


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