You will be amazed to know that a husband surprised his wife with an unbelievable Amazon box birthday on her birthday. Isn’t it a unique surprise with his creative ideas?

It is the story of a husband and wife a sweet couple cares for each other, named Emily McGuire (a photographer) and her husband Mac. They know each other for 19 years and got married 12 years before. Mac always tries to give some surprises to her wife. It is the best quality in a husband to keep his wife happy.

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Birthday is a special occasion for everyone’s life. And you try to celebrate it memorably. It was the birthday of Emily. Mac was thinking of to give a surprise to her wife on this special occasion that can please her and make this day memorable. He observes the likes of her wife. He came to observation that his wife likes online shopping. Most of the time she purchases things from Amazon. Then an idea came to his mind. And he went to a bakers shop asking for an amazing cake for his wife. Thus, they converted the idea into reality.

The cake completed and reaches to their house on Emily’sbirthday. Emily was shocked, that it was an Amazon box birthday cake. She was thinking at first sight that it is a real Amazon box. But when she realized that it is an Amazon box birthday cake, she was unable to control her laugh. So, she started to laugh so hard.

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The cake was looking real sealed with the shipping tape and actual- looking tape. And when she came to know that it was made by SweetDreams Bakery of Dunn in the cost $50. She soon went there to meet the baker

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she was unable to stop herself to share this sarcastic event with her fans. So, she posted her surprise that she got on her birthday from her husband. She told that she loves online shopping. Mostly she used to purchase from Amazon. About two to three Amazon boxes reach her home in a week. Noticing at her preference for online shopping, she surprised her with an amazon box cake. And she added that she will never forget this birthday- really a surprising birthday.

Thus, Mac is a caring husband, who takes care of every likes and dislike of his wife and keep trying to make her wife surprised with his creative ideas It was a memorable birthday for her wife.


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