Time and Success has the power to change everything in a person's life. Here is a story of a passionate girl that makes changes in the history of the world. Hima das is a dedicated girl that changes her life, from a girl with no shoes to a brand ambassador of a famous Adidas shoemaking company

Hima Das is a girl of 19 ages born on 9 January 2000. She had born at Kandhulimari village in the state of Assam in a farmer's family. Neither her state, nor her village, was known for creating champions, but her talent makes her a champion girl. Despite the place or family you are born in, you can be successful if you have a passion for your goal. She was the youngest of five siblings. Her parents were worked in a rice field. She is a sprint runner and had achieved five gold medals in a run in July 2019. She has just passed her board exam in 2019. For her great success, she has given a nickname as Dhing Express” and also as “Golden Girl”.

Earlier she was interested in playing football from her school days, but she hadn’t able to see the future in football for women. Later on continuing with the advice of her coach, Nipon Das, she started to practice for sprint runner. But her financial condition and the situation of her family was not that much developed to nurture her dream. Neither, there was not any such institution to train her for her dream in her village.

Despite all the odds, she trained herself by regular practice and remain passionate about her goal. Finally, she achieved five gold medals in 100 and 200m races. Her coach says about her that She runs like wind. Thus she was able to change the whole history from the rice field to winning gold at the race track. 

she used to run barefoot in a muddy field of the village to get her trained for the race. And the time has been changed now after her successful performance in 100 and 200 race. Her success is now talk of the town. She has been offered as an ambassador by German Shoe Company, Adidas one of the famous shoe brand. She signed for the deal and now Adidas Company will offer her with all the equipment needed for her in the race the athlete said that she proud to be apart of Adidas' family and she expects that her performance will reach to the next level with the brand

 Along with that, the company has started to make custom shoes with her name on them. On 18 September2018, Hima Das twitted her image with the custom shoes having her name “HimaDas” on one side and “create history” on another side.

Thus, you can say that success has the power to change the life of anybody. Her success made it possible, to convert her life from a barefoot girl to an ambassador of a shoe company.


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