Body of VG Siddhartha, a billionaire was found at the bank of the river on 31st July, and he was missing from 29th July.

Who is VG Siddhartha?

VG Siddhartha is an entrepreneur (one who starts up their own business with innovative ideas) by profession. He is the founder as well as CEO of the CCD (Café Coffee Day). He was born in 1959 in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. He is a billionaire married to the daughter of former Karnataka CM SM Krishna. He is the first person in Karnataka to set up a café (Café Coffee Day), a chain of coffee parlours, in 1996. He is also recognized with the name " Entrepreneur of the Year" for 2002–03. On the evening of 29th July 2019, he went missing. On 31st July his body was found the banks of the Netravati river by the fisherman near the Hoige Bazaar beach in Mangaluru.

The story behind his death?

VG Siddhartha was missing from the 29th of July and he was last seen by his driver. The driver said that on the evening of 29th July at 6:30 pm, he was on his way to Mangaluru. at the bridge over the Netravati river, and sir order to him to stop the car and he went off. Since then he is missing. The local fisherman of the river said that he saw somebody to jumped off into the river. And they find the body on the 31st of July

What happened soon after death?

Share prices of CCD started to decrease. The twitter icon of Cafe Coffee Day changed from red to black after the death of its founder. Karnataka: Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa arrived for the last rites of the famous business tycoon.

The former chief minister of Karnataka, Mr SM Krishna also arrived in the last rites of his son in law.

Manish Tewari, Congress MP told that VG Siddhartha committed suicide because of harassment.

As the news spread about the business tycoon of the coffee, people started to give tribute to his family. Vijay Malaya tweeted that, he is indirectly related to VG Siddhartha, an Excellent human and brilliant entrepreneur. He also mentioned that he is devastated by the contents of his letter.

Anand Mahindra, a renowned Business tycoon shared a tweet that, he did not know him & have no knowledge of his financial circumstances. he only knows that entrepreneurs must not allow business failure to destroy their self-esteem because it will bring about the death of entrepreneurship.


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