Many people are confused about the widely used of a hollow air tyre instead of a rubber tyre. Are you searching for the answer to this question? There is also the existence of a tire without air, entirely made up of rubber. They are known as solid tyre. There are many benefits of having an air tyre, so it is used widely in use. Here are all the details about it.
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Why are tires hollow and filled with air and not entirely made of rubber?

There are many advantages of a hollow air tyre over the solid tyre. They are discussed below:

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  • Solid tyre is heavy:  Solid tyre is heavy than the air tire as they contain rubber entirely. This helps to support heavy vehicles and there is no need for them in daily use vehicle.

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  • Air tyre can reduce vibration:-  The air inside the tyre helps the vehicle to reduce vibration. A car experiences a lot of obstacles in their journey like shock, bumpers, etc. Solid care cannot absorb these types of obstacles. Neither have they had enough space to make the ride smoother. Fortunately, you have air tyre which can absorb all types of obstacle and vibration during the journey. They have enough space inside the tyre to make your ride smooth.

  • A huge amount of power is required for solid tyre:- Another advantage of having an air tyre is that it requires less power to move. Hence less fuel will be burnt. But if you will use a solid tyre then it will require a lot of power and fuel.

  •  Mass of solid tyre is high: - You may know that friction is directly proportional to masses. More mass means more friction. The mass of a solid tyre irrespective of the materials you fill inside will be higher than the air tyre. Which causes more friction and requires more power. Thus requires more fuel and is costly to use.

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  •  Solid tyre is expensive:- The cost, as well as the technology involved in the manufacturing of a solid tyre, is expensive than the air tire. Air tyre requires less power than the tyre full of rubber.

  • The solid tyre can burst in high pressure: - There are also high chances of the burst of the rubber tyre under high pressure. But air tyres absorb the pressure.

Hence by looking at the advantages of the air tyre over the solid tyre, you can say that it is right to use a hollow air tyre and not entirely made of a rubber tyre. As already mentioned above that there is the existence of solid tyres as well. They are resistant to puncture. They are used for the forklifts to move at slow speed and to carry heavy materials.

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