Blackhole is an area in the space having a strong gravitational field that nothing can escape from it. They can also trap light. You may know about it. But there are many interesting facts about the black holes that will make you think once. 10 of them are described below.

1. Do you know that black hole didn’t suck?

Yeah, you will be a wonder to get this. Some people think that the black hole is like an acosmic vacuum that sucks all the objects in their surroundings. But this is not true; they are itself an object like other planet or object in space which has a strong gravitational force due to a strong gravitational field. It is a misconception that black hole is sucking the objects all around. The truth is that it i9s attracting the objects toward themselves. If you will replace the sun with the black hole, it will never suck the earth or other planets. All the planets will remain revolving around it. it may happen that it will come closer towards it.

2. Who discovers the black hole is generally confused?

Many people have the misconception that Einstein discovers black holes. But the truth is that he has only proved the existence of the black hole with the help of his theory of relativity. The real man who shows the real existence of the black hole was Karl Schwarzschild. Karl Schwarzschild uses the theory given byEinstein to discover the black hole and in the same year when Einstein proposed the theory in the year 1915. The tern Schwarzschild radius also came from his name which describes the radius of the boundary of the black hole. Although the black hole was discovered in the year 1915, they didn’t get a universal name till 1967.

3. Do you know that Blackhole can spawn anew universe?

You may be feeling surprising to know that Blackhole can spawn a new universe. Although, we don’t claim the existence of the black hole in reality. And the details about the black hole and its different theories are still in research today. Many theories of physics are not followed by the black holes, so it is assumed that it can break down to form a new universe.

4. Light can bend near the black hole.

The density of the black hole is much dense that even light cannot escape from it. It can also observe the light in itself. It has been found by the scientist that there is a point near the black hole where you can see the light. But the speed of light should be slow that it cannot get attracted by the gravitational field and the speed should be fast that it cannot get pullback by the black hole. But the light should be at the exact required speed. Then the light will start to revolve around the black hole. It has been believed by the theory that if a person faces against the black hole and the light bounces of the back of the person's head. Hence the person will be able to look back the head of him.

5. Do you know that Black holes are the ultimate energy factories?

Due to the strong gravitational pull, the object nearer to the black hole orbits much faster than the objects away from it. As the objects revolve fastly they heat up that starts to emit the energy in the form of radiation. If we compare the conversion of mass into energy by nuclear fission to the black hole, then you will find that the black hole converts 10 per cent of mass into energy whereas the nuclear fission converts only 0.7 per cent. Scientist says that Blackholehas the power to generate energy more than the Sun.


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