Today with the vast technology people are taking the help of Google for their everyday problems to the tough problems. These days you don’t need to find the answers to the question that arises in your mind, in books. You can just take a few minutes to surf it o Google. Today generation doesn’t even agree to the concepts until they get it to check on Google. But there are some interesting facts when people are too lazy to Google. 10 of them are described below.

1. Why most people unable to recognize their voice in recordings?

If you had listened to your recordings, surely once you think of that is it your real voice? Many of you had even tried to compare other’s real voice and recordings and you get that it is real. Then when it comes to you why does it seem that it is not a real voice? The reason behind this fact is that when we speak we hear our sound in two different ways. First from the vibration of the vocal cords and in your skull at the time of speaking and the second is from the vibration of the eardrum (as others listen). The sound mixed up to form a different sound. And the sound that you hear in your recording is real. 

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2. Why nails of finger grow faster than the toenails?

All we have nails in the hand as well as in toe fingers. Everybody knows that the nails of the finger grow faster than the nails of the leg, but a few people know the exact reason behind them. Most of you observe it but hardly search for it. Both the fingernails and toenails have a distal matrix below the cuticle which has epithelial cells. This epithelial cell dies and forms keratin which later mixed up with other proteins and fat to form nails. But the difference in both the nails is that there is a proper supply of nutrients and oxygen to the fingernails in respect of the toenails. Along with that covering toes in shoes and socks make it hard to get the proper oxygen. Another reason is that we use our hands for most of the work than our leg. Hence, the growth of epithelial cells is high in hands than in legs, which leads to the growth of fingernails 3 times faster than the toe.

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3. Why does the formation of ring-like structure at the top of the cup containing coffee, not on the other area of thecup?

Drinking coffee or tea is general to every people, in our daily life, we serve or drink coffee. It has been estimated that about 400 million people drink coffee per day in the U.S.  Whenever any guest visit us, most of the time we serve them with coffee. But hardly noticed or think of the reason behind the formation of a ring-like structure in the top of coffee cups, not on the other parts. After research by the scientist they come to know about the particles present in the coffee comes to up and stick in the solid materials. It has also been found that when the coffee evaporates the particles remain in the coffee at the perimeter of the top. Thus, forming a ring-like structure at the perimeter of the top.

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4. Why do we get Goosebumps, when we feel cold or fear?

Since childhood, we were observing that we have Goosebumps when we face any fear or feeling cold. It is the condition with everyone, but a few people know the exact reason behind it. The main reason behind it is that when you suffer from any strong emotion, the brain sends a message to the skin to get tense up. Then the skin tenses up making your hair to rise and pull up the skin up just a bit.And at the time of the cold environment, the skin muscles get contracted. The contraction of these small muscles attaching to the hairs leads the hair to stand up. Thus, creating the Goosebumps.

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5. Does a Smartphone give us emergency service when there is no network?

You may wonder most of the time when you look at the emergency call button on your screen. But when you try it, it doesn’t work. But, there may be a question in your mind that does it works or not? Most of the people come through this question but a few of them search it on Google. Although it makes a call, the most essential thing is the network. But this technology is dependent on the sim. GSM sim tends that it can use the network coverage of other service providers. Thus, it helps you to have an emergency call even there is no network in your sim. The people in the U.S are widely using this service when they don’t have a network on their phones.

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6. Do you know why we feel a headache when eating cold eatables?

Many times you have observed that, whenever you drink cold water or eat cold food,you feel a sharp headache. This happens generally when the weather is hot and you eat something cold fastly. This is because of the rapid constriction of the blood vessels at the top of the mouth.

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7. Why our hairs turn light and skin dark in the sun?

You might have heard people saying that get a scarf when you are going in the sun otherwise your skin will turn black or your hair will turn white. A few of you noticed to find out the reason for the question. The main reason behind this fact is that the sun breaks the melanin protein which is responsible for both the skin and hair colors. Melanin protein is a pigment that helps us to protect from the UV rays of the sun. And, when the melanin in your hair breaks down,due to long exposure. This makes the skin to produce more melanin in the skin makes the skin turn dark. All we know that in hair the cells are dead and new melanin can’t be productive when gets break down by sun which results in hair to turn white.

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8. Do you know why our eyes don’t feel cold in the cold environment?

You may have come through such experience that every part of your body feels cold at low temperature except your eyes. This is because of the absence of temperature receptor cells in your eyes. And the second reason is that most of the eyeball remains inside the skull and gets warmed up by the flow of blood inside the.

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9. What is the reason behind the bird having v-shape while flying?

Whenever you had observed the nature around you, you may come through the fact and saw the group of birds flying in v- shape together. If you don’t know the answer then no need to worry. This is because the bird in the front while flying makes a special air swirls with their wings, which helps others to save their energy,and they can fly easily. And the second reason is that in c-shape formation,all the birds can see the leader bird and follow them.

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10. Why do clock move clockwise or anticlockwise??

You may be thinking that it is a silly question it is. But, it is an amazing question that why do clock move clockwise not anti-clockwise? This is because of the sundials, which was the first clock ever made. We all know that in the northern hemisphere, the sun rotates in anti-clockwise. But in our view from the earth, it seems that the sun is moving in the clockwise direction. when our ancestors start using sundials for getting the time. The direction of the shadow was clockwise. Hence following this trend, clocks were started to move in the clockwise direction.

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