South Korea is a country in the east of Asia; there are some interesting facts about this place that will make you surprised. Here are the 10 such facts about South Korea, have a look.

1. The calculation of age in Korea is different

Although the whole country calculates the age based on the number of birthdays passes by. But In Korea the calculation is different. The newly born babies in this country are termed to be of one-year-old. This is not enough to wait. They believe that the age increases at the time of New Year instead of on the birthday. This means that the entire child born in the same calendar month will have the same age. And, one interesting news is that if you have born in Korea in December month then after one month you will be of 2-year-old. ISn’t too awkward?

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2. Male does makeup

Do you know that the male of South Korean also does makeup? Yeah if you are in the country where only women do makeup and it seems weird when males do so. Then, you will be thinking of a weird look of the male of South Korea. About 20 % of the male in South Korea indeed do makeup regularly. The average expense of males on makeup is estimated to be 900 us dollars.

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3. South Korean is the 11th largest economy of the world's

Despite war and tough phases, South Korea managed to lead and grow out of them. These days South Korea is on the 11th largest economy of the many world's and at the 4th position in India.

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4. Valentine day is a black day for Koreans

It has been believed by the whole world that on 14th April there exist valentines day or white day, but the Koreas is a single country to believe that there exists a black day on the date 14th of April. That is the reason why Koreans don’t receive the present on this day. They use to wear black clothes, black shoes and eat black food (jjajangmyeon).

5. No video games at the sleeping time

One of the good things that Korea does for the future of children is that children in South Korea are blocked to play video games from midnight to the morning at 6 am. This law is known by the name the “Youth Protection Revision Act,” “Shutdown Law,” or the “Cinderella Law. This was done to decrease the number of people suffering from Internet addiction.

6. Fried chicken restaurant beats McDonald's.

You will be surprised to know that there are many fried chicken restaurants in South Korea. But the shocking thing is that the no. of this restaurant is more than the number of McDonald in the whole world. Chicken is the traditional food of the Korean either in soup or steaming them. The first chicken franchise was started by a person named Lims Chicken in 1977. And gradually the franchise started to spread widely in South Korea. In 2017, there were about 50,000 chicken restaurants of which half are a franchise. Thus it beats the most renowned restaurant in the world, McDonald who has 37,855 franchises throughout the world.

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7. Do you know that plastic surgery is common in South Korea?

Most of the people of South Korea do their plastic surgery and they get the encouragement to do plastic surgery. One-third of the girls in South Korea is said to done plastic surgery on their face.

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8. Do you like the Mud festival?

The western population of South Korea enjoys the mud festival every year for 14 days in summer. They used to sell cosmetics products made up of muds. Boryeong is a place where people usually enjoy this festival, in the month of July. Not only can the western population But Many interested local people also attend to enjoy the festivals.

9. Korean people fear from the number 4

Korean people are mostly found to be suffering from tetraphobia, mans the fear of number four. Hence, you will observe in Korea that they skip the number four at the time of making the building or in numbering the floor, elevator buttons, etc. The number four sounds them as a sign of death. Hence either they skip number four or instead of number four they write the letter “F”.

10. Google's map is restricted in South Korea.

Google maps are widely used all over the world to get the right direction toward your destination. Although South Korea is one of the most developed countries in the world with the vast infrastructure having the fastest internet connection, google map doesn’t work here. As Google maps are restricted in South Korea, you will be not able to get the driving direction from Google maps. This is because Google is not allowed to access the South Korean country map data, because Google keeps the data on a foreign server.


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