It's very interesting to know some of the precious treasure which is yet to be discovered, here you will find some the list,

In ancient timed, stones were widely used for the construction of different materials. Metals like Gold were used by our ancestors. As time passes on, the prices of such stones and metal go higher. But it has been observed that the total amount that we had earlier has been decreased. 

This proves that some of the precious Treasures are still is out of reach. Although many people had got many-hidden treasures and get to be rich luckily. But at the same time, some people are still in search of it and don’t get anything from it. Here is the list of 10 world’s most precious treasures, yet to be discovered, that will help you find them.

1. The Ark of the Covenant: - A religious relic, disappeared from the bible in the year 587 BCE.

The Book of Exodus describes the Ark of the Covenant. It is a two stone tablet of the Ten Commandments, completely covered with gold, having a golden lid at the top known as, ‘Mercy Seat’. It is believed that this construction was with the instruction of God to Moses on Mount Sinai.

Later in the battle of Ebenezer, this ark was captured by Philistines. This is a religious relic, which has been disappeared from the bible in the year 587 BCE as the Babylonians conquered Jerusalem. Different reports claim differently, one says that the ark is hidden in a cave on Mount Nebo. While others say that it is in “Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion”, Ethiopian church and only the guard are allowed to see them.

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2. The Forrest Fenn Hidden Treasure of about $1 to $3 million.

In the year 1960s, an air force pilot named, Fenn regularly flew his plane ‘Pompeii’ in the search of a Treasure. He was able to find many of them. Unfortunately, in the 1980s, he was suffering from kidney cancer. Hence, he decided to share a clue to everyone for his beloved artifacts. The total estimated price of the treasure was about $1 to $3 million. 

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3. The treasure of Lima - $12 and $60 million.

It is said that in 1820, the treasure of Lima was missing when Lima came under threat of war. Because the leader had decided to keep all the wealth of Lima securely in Mexico. Captain William Thompson was appointed for this task of safekeeping the treasure. But during the transportation, he becomes fascinated by the treasure and killed all the security guards while on the sail to Mexico. He changed his routes toward the Cocos Island, where he had buried this treasure. But to date, no one became successful in finding them. The total estimation of the price of this treasure is approximately between $12 and $60 million.

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4. The Oak Island Money Pit: a mysterious light was coming out of it.

At the shores of Nova Scotia, it is said that a mysterious treasure is hidden that can make people super-rich or the opposite. In 1975 Daniel McGinnis, once said that he had seen a my steriouslight coming from the shore and as he digs the land, he found a small hole and nothing else. Although he was unable to get anything there, everyone from President Roosevelt to big corporations started to search for the treasure there. It is believed that there must be a treasure, either pirate's treasure,or the Holy Grail.

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5. The Mosby’s Treasure in Virginia: sack of $350,000 metals.

Confederate Commander Colonel John Singleton during a raid on one of the Civil war, found a sack containing silver, gold, and family heirlooms costing $350,000. He wished to take all the treasure and get the retirements as rich man, but unfortunately, he was unable to do so, because of the other 42 companion who was along with him during the raid. So, he decided to bury the treasure between two pine trees. He sends two of the trusted men for the same work, but they were caught and hung in the mid of the journey. Then Singleton was unable to reach his treasure.

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6. The 2,930-gem diamond necklace: $125 million.

IN 1948 the gem diamond necklace which was created for the Maharaja of Patiala was missing from the Royal Treasury. It was crafted by the House of Cartier in 1928 and it took three years to craft them. It contains 2,930 diamonds and was the most expensive jewelry of all time. It was known to be the world’s largest diamond named “De Beers”. The estimated price of this chain was $125 million.

Fortunately, Eric Nussbaum discovered it in London. But the diamond at the center was still missing and many people had their effort to find out, but never get it. Later they found jewelry was restored by adding synthetic diamonds.

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7. The Lost Treasure of the Alamo- Treasure buried on the grounds of Alamo

Alamo war was one of the epic battles of America in history. The main reason behind this fact is the treasure of the legend of the gigantic San Saba was buried on the grounds of Alamo. It is believed that there were dollars of silver, gold and religious artifacts in the treasure. Earlier this treasure was supposed to be used in the next war and to build up the army. But it is sad to say that they found nothing of it.

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8. The golden owl

In 1993, the golden was buried at a place in France. A book of riddles tries to convey the information about this golden owl with the titles “On the Trail of the Golden Owl”. But unfortunately, No one has still found it. It is made up of gold and silver. It is believed that the book has the entire clue about the location of the treasure, but still not found. The estimated price of the golden owl is $295,000.

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9. The Coast in Key West

In 1622, due to a huge hurricane, many cargo ships perished. One of them was containing gold and silver of the estimated cost almost equal to $700 million. Later in 1985, Mel Fisher, a treasure hunter found $ 500 million of buried treasure within the 160 kilometers off the coast of Key West. And still, it is believed there is plenty of treasure left.

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10. The Treasure of Jean Lafitte

Two French pirates were brother named, JeanLaFitte and Pierre who survive invading merchant ships in the Gulf of Mexico.After the death of Jean LaFitte, the story of his treasures began to circulate Louisiana. It is being claimed that there is plenty of treasure buried inside the Lake Borgne.

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