Since Japan is a small country, many people underestimate it. But you will be a wonder to know some of the interesting facts of Japan that prove the capability of Japan. Japan is the second most developed country in the world. It is also in the 3rd position after the USA and China, in generating high GDP. I f you say about, technology, Japan is ahead in that in the world.

1. Vending Machine- Purchase anything by vending Machine in Japan.

Japan has to vend at the distance of every 200-300 m. There exist almost 5.5 million vending machines all over the country. You take out the average; there exists 1 vending machine per 25 people. The uniqueness of the Japanese vending machine is that Other than chips, chocolate or soda, Japan’s vending machine also provide egg, flower, clothes, stationery, everything, even puppies.

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2. Capsule Hotel - A small hotel containing many facilities.

What is a Capsule hotel? Capsule hotels are such hotels, where the room is small and stag one above the other.  The rooms are too small, where you can only sleep and sit. Despite being small, it has many facilities such as charging port, shelf, bed, pillow, hooks for lifting things, light. Although the bathroom and toilet are communal, they remain hygienic. Such types of hotels generally found nearby the stations and airports.

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3. Robot staff- from the receptionist to the waiter.

There exist such hotels in Japan where most of the staff are robots. The “Henn na Hotel” (means, the weird Hotel) is a hotel in Japan. Do you know that it is one such hotel in Japan, where there the staff are robots? Only 10 of the staff are human, whose work is to observe and check out the working of the robots? All the functions of the hotel are performed by the robots, from the cleaning, receptionist to waiter.

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4. Japanese toilet- amazing facilities.

It is believed that the Japanese toilet is amazing with a lot of facilities. Not only can you remove your excreta there but also enjoy the given facilities at the same time. There is also a baby chair attached to the wall where you can keep your baby while you are in the toilet. If you are suffering from loose motion and you are ashamed of thinking about the sound of diarrhea. No problem, the Japanese toilet gives you the facility to play music too. There is an automatic system in the toilets, that after using the toilet it spread a beautiful smell. Such toilets are eco-friendly too; as there was basin remain attached to the flush tank, whose water can be again used in flush.

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5. Grocery store- with no vendor.

If you been to Japan, you will be able to see that there are no people in the Japanese store. Even there is no CCTV camera in the shop. The store is filled with the things where whatever you need you can ale and keep the money at the counter. You must be surprised by this fact. But you should know that the Japanese are honest and trustworthy that they never theft out anything. One more interesting thing, you will be able to observe in Japan is that you can find square shape fruits that can be easily kept in a Freeze. Chew gum is sold along with paper so that you can also throw the gum after chewing safely in it. Even beer can use Braille language for blind people. Even there is a refrigerator locker in the shopping mall, where you can keep your thing and continue the shopping.

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6. Smart Bra- the true love tester.

Not the technology exist in machines and shops, in Japan, the technology also exists in the cloths. There exist such bras that can monitor the feelings of the women wearing it. And the emotional information is fed in the mobile application through Bluetooth, where the emotion is analyzed to know that either the girl is interested in opening the bra or not. 

image source: broadsheet

7. Japanese Restaurant- serves the same as in the poster.

Many times you have observed that, while ordering food in restaurants, the food that you get to eat is somehow different from one shown in the poster. But if you go to the Japanese restaurant, you will get the food the same as you see on the poster. 

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8. Plastic model of food items- look and feel then order.

Along with the menu, Japanese restaurants also provide you with the plastic model of the food that you can see and order.  After completing your dinner, Restaurants provide you toothpick containing mint at the top. Thus, you can clean your teeth as well a refresh your mouth after eating.

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9. Tattoo- Glow in the Dark Tattoo

They used a special ultraviolet technology that makes your tattoo to glow in the dark. There are various varieties of tattoo in Japan like, one that you can only see in the dark, one that can be seen in the light, etc. 

image source: authoritytattoo

10. Transport- developed transport system with a lot of facilities.

Although the bullet train in Japan is famous all over the world.  Not only the speed of the Japanese bullet train is mind-blowing, along with that there exists such a train which is fully computerized and works without any driver.  “Yurikamome line” trains are such type of train. They also provide you with some additional facilities, like Secluded Smoking Areas, Baby chairs and Footbaths too. You will be a wonder to know that there also exists such a train in Japan whose track is in the air. Such a train exists in the “Chiba Urban Monorail” system. There are also Diagonal zebra crossings for the pedestrian.

image source: jnto

Thus from the above facts, you can conclude that the Japanese are so developed in the technology and the life they are living today is much more ahead of us. From the facts, it is also proved that Japan is not living in 2019 else in the future.


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