There are many villages in the world that you haven’t even think of that there can be such types of villages. Generally, when we think of a village, it seems like having a green field with lots of cattle and small huts or houses to live in. A village has a wonderful climate and a natural atmosphere where you can feel the presence of natural life. But there exist some other types of villages that you can’t imagine.
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There is a village where alligators live along with the humans in Africa’s  Burkina Faso. They are still leaving in peace from 600 years.

There are some villages in Russia where every people can do tightrope walk easily. This is the tradition of that village which has been going on for 100  years. You can watch more below:

There are some villages in India, as the village of Marottichal who started to play chess after the prohibition of alcohol in their region. Hence, they were also known as a 100% chess literate village. Thus they are building their brain by playing a brain game. They are trying to implement a good habit at the place of their addiction.

There also exist some villages where the patient is given the best care at the time of their diagnose. This village exists in Netherland. The village has speciality shops, the movie theatre, and restaurants at the hospitals.  You can also watch more about it here:- 

One of the best villages that I have ever heard is about a village in Seattle that has made an arrangement for the unsheltered people of that village and supports them to get back to their feet. These tiny houses have a rent of only $90 for a month, along with all proper facilities for survive. Homeless people can easily afford them and get a night of good sleep, healthy eating and shower to fresh and go for the work to build them.

There is a village in India where the crime ratio is negligible since 2010. Here all the houses are without doors, even the banks are without the door. This village exists in Maharashtra. They believed that God Shani, the god of Saturn will protect their village. He is the Guardian of the village.

It is interesting to know about the unusual villages that exist around the world where people are enjoying different cultures and traditions.


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