List of top 10 expensive animal liquid products.

These days, you are observing how the rate of inflation is growing at a rapid speed. The human is still at the same place, but the prices are increasing high, day by day. You are seeing that the rate of the dollar increases to Rs. 68 and the rate of the gold go to 30,000 from Rs. 3000. You can observe these changes in any sort of shop from groceries to the clothing.Most time you may hear the people saying that the prices are touching the sky.

Not only gold and silver or man-made articles are expensive,but also the natural things and their products like milk honey, etc, whose prices are increasing day by day. Listening to this may have made you interested in knowing about the animal's expensive products. Here you are going to learn about the same.

1. Scorpion venom- is $39 million per gallon.

Scorpion is as deadly as cobra and their poison is not only dangerous but it also has many medical properties. This poison is used in the treatment of cancer, in pain killer manufacturing and surgery for searching tumors. A single scorpion can create only 2 ml poison. Hence the scientist has to work hard to get an appropriate amount. Along with that, the poison is required to be freeze just after the extraction so that they remain fresh longer and effective. This process requires a lot of investments. You will be shocked to know that to extract 1 gallon of poison scientist has to get 3 billion scorpions, which in practical a very difficult task. Hence, the rate of 1 gallon Scorpion venom is $39 million.

2. Race horse semen-$125 million per gallon

The horses used in the horse race are the best breed of all the horse and they need to be competing in the high-level competitive sports.Many people are having different types of desires in their life. Many people bet billion-dollar rupees for the horses and everybody wants that their horse should run faster and hence they require the best quality of horse. Hence these men of the Racehorse is high in demand among horse breeders. The price of almost 1-gallon Racehorse semen is about $ 7 million. But there is some exceptional case, like “sea the star”, a horse found in Britain, whose semen rate is more than $125 million per gallon.


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