There are many technologies in the world that you are not aware of till now. The scientist has been inventing new technology to help people and change the world. Do you now that a blind can also see with their tongue? Yeah, exactly. Are you surprised? You can read below about such amazing types of technology that are invented.

1. Hybrid seam mushrooms , a plastic-eating fungi.

Hybrid seam mushrooms , a plastic-eating fungi. image credit: Indiatimes

A scientist has developed Hybrid seam mushrooms, which have the capacity to eat and dispose of plastic. You must have the knowledge about the plastic, it is the biggest problem of the world, that it can't decompose. Millions of plastic are found in the ocean. If a scientist hasn't found out the idea of getting rid of plastic then the lives on earth will be in danger. There are many places were the use of plastics is banned. Grateful to Designer Katharina Unger along with Julia Kaisinger and UtrechtUniversity, who had done a lot of research and develop a system that can help to develop plastic-eating fungi

2. Spectral invisibility cloaking can make you invisible.

Spectral invisibility cloaking can make you invisible. image credit: Optics & Photonics News

Are you aware of the fact that there is some technology that can make things invisible under the sun? Yes, this is true. Spectral invisibility cloaking is a device that can ignore the shift of the light frequencies on the objects, and make them invisible.

3. Carbon air capture.

Carbon air capture. image credit: IEEE Spectrum

The scientist has discovered a new technology to form diesel, liquid gasoline, and jet fuel by converting the carbon dioxide in the air. Isn’t it amazing? Thus it can help us to reduce the amount of heat-trapping gas and to trap greenhouse gases.

4. Robots will control your mind.

Robots will control your mind. image credit: The Verge

Do you know there are also some technologies that can control your mind? Yes, our scientist has invented a robotic arm that can have control over your mind. It can be physically operated just by interaction. No need to do any surgery to use them.

5. Now blind can see by tasting.

Now blind can see by tasting. image credit: Futurism

Let us come to the question that was asked above about a device that helps blind people to see from there tongue. The device is normal, in the form of a pair of sunglasses. It has an inherited technology that can convert the images into a pattern of electricity that can be tasted and understandable to every person who wears them.


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