There are many unbelievable facts about the world that you may don’t believe that existed. You can’t imagine that I really can be. If you don’t believe that these types of things can be on the earth then you can go through this article to learn more about them.

1. The divine wind of Japan

The divine wind of Japan

During World War ll, the word “kamikaze” was termed as the Japanese suicide for the pilots. The original meaning of the word is “divine wind” and also from 1274 to 1281, it was used ass historical word to represent two typhoons that flow from the island nation.In both years 1271 and 1281, to conquer Japan Kublai khan sailed from china toward Japan. As he was sailing, there were massive changes in the weather condition in both years. Massive storm tries to take them back. And due to this incident, the Buddhists of Japan start to be that the storm is a way of almighty God to preserve Japan and its empire. Hence, they referred the typhoon's wind as “divine wind”

2. The real truth of a genuine leather belt.

The real truth of a genuine leather belt.

You may have wondered while purchasing a leather belt, by looking a stamp of “genuine leather” on it. If you haven’t noticed it, till. Then be ready to notice whenever you go to a shopping mall. At the mid-range department wait and have a look at the underside of the leather belt. You will be able to see a stamped written as“genuine leather” But you will be surprised to know that, this stamp doesn’t mean that it only made up of leather, but it also means that it is made up of the cheapest quality of leather. You can’t find the top quality of leather in such type of department leather. You need to move to top designer stores to get“top grain leather” and much more different forms of a leather belt of high quality. These types of the belt are long-lasting, and if you are looking for much better quality then you must go for Italian leather, as they are of inimitable quality.

3. Dog planned to write a book.

Dog planned to write a book.

It is a story of a small township of Minnesota. There was a mayor who was one of the most loved mayors of Cormorant. He was to get retired in the last summer after four works in a row. He was at the age of 91 and he loves the job of civil services the most.There was a dog named, duke big in size, who was first elected and maintain to win yearly from 2014 to 2018. And lastly, when he gets to retire in 2018, he decided to write a book on his legacy of being a good boy.

4. Giant tortoises taste makes them vanish.

Giant tortoises taste makes them vanish.

Are you aware of the fact that giant tortoises are a tasty animal? Yeah, these days Seychelles and Galapagos were only islands having giant tortoise with different types of creatures and species. They were in danger of extinction as they have few offspring and take a long time to get mature. Another unbelievable reason for their danger of extinction as their delicious taste. Due to their delicacies taste wherever hungry sailors cross these islands they carry they can easily catch the slow-moving species and carry them along with themselves. These animals can live without food and water for several months. Hence they can also carry them to home as well. In the journal, European sailor once said that the meat of these creatures is much tastier than the others like beef, chicken or pork.

5. The truth of Dinosaurs.

The truth of Dinosaurs.

These days’ dinosaurs do not exist on the earth, but still, they are memorizing by their fossils. Many architects have found the fossils of Dinosaurs and provided us with the different knowledge of them and their creatures. And learning more and more about them had changed the way of thinking of the people about them. The design and picture, of how they look changes by the new information. Many dinosaurs cannot fly like Velociraptor. Velociraptor has wings and they were bigger than a turkey. Do you know that there exists an animal that can break the sound barrier with its tails? Yeah, you will be surprised to know about such animals.Sauropods are herbivores animal having a long neck and long tail. They can use their tails like whips to break the sound barrier. Thus you can say that dinosaurs are different from the picture that we think of them.

6. Dangerous element leads were once used for makeup.

Dangerous element leads were once used for makeup.

You will be surprised to know that lead a type of glass was used in the products like gasoline and crystal. Lead is very harmful to us, they can harm humans. It’s about a longtime ago, there was such a civilization in which most people like to makeup with leads. Yeah, it’s true. They smear lead on their faces to do makeup. In the time of Ancient Egyptians, they used to line their eyes with a product that contains lead salt named, “kohl”. Women of ancient Romans used to make up their faces with the products contain full of leads to whitening their faces. And you will be shocked to know that lead mixed with vinegar was applied on the face by Queen Elizabeth l to smooth her skin. Thus you can say that a harmful element lead was once used in makeup by different civilizations.

7. Espresso coffee can give better taste with less caffeine

Espresso coffee can give better taste with less caffeine

Espresso is a type of coffee that is formed by grinding the beans very thinly or finely and after grinding they are kept in a hot water under high pressure. This type of coffee has a great taste with a high concentrated flavor. Hence, it must contain a high amount of caffeine. But you will be wondered by knowing the fact that it contains only 120 to 170 mg of caffeine which is much lesser than a normal coffee. Normal coffee contains about 150 to 200 mg caffeine.

8. The real story behind High-five.

The real story behind High-five.

Do you know how high-five came into existence? Not to worry. It is an incident of 1977; the baseball game was going on. A person in a baseball game named Dusty Baker, Dodger player. He hits his 30th  home run of the season.After the match, he goes to his teammate named Glenn Burke and in the excitement, Dusty raised his hand to greet. At the same moment, his team mate also raised his hand to give a slap on his hand. And he said that it seemed that he should respond to his hand and that why he slapped him. But later this process was named as high five, and generally used by people in victory. This is the real story behind high five.

9. Chewing gum is ban in Singapore.

Chewing gum is ban in Singapore.

You will be surprised by reading the headline. Is chewing gum is a thing that needs to be banned? But think of a situation when you are sitting on a chair and found that a chewing gum slicked in the underside of the chair. The one thing that comes to your mind that chewing gum should be banned to avoid such type of incident. In 1992,looking at the expenses in the cleaning of the chewing gum spreading here and there, the prime minister of Singapore banned the sale and import of chewing gum in the country. It is still banned there but in 2004 the government announced that you can eat only a sugar –free gum that is sold by pharmacists or dentists. The name of the person who buys a chewing gum, the name should be recorded. 

10. A person forgot his identity and found his family after 1 year.

 A person forgot his identity and found his family after 1 year.

You will be surprised to know about this story and definitely, you will feel that such an incident is only possible in a movie. But this story is true. It is an incident of a person named William Burgess Powell, a resident of Lafayette, Indiana suddenly a man woke up nude next to a Georgia Burger King, in a dumpster. Neither he had any identification nor was he able to memorize all about himself. He had lost his memory and suffering from amnesia. And he started roaming here and there in search of his identity and his family. IT took him one year and finally in 2015 he was able to found his family with the help of DNA analysis. In the meantime,he has been known by the name Benjamin Kyle.

11. Loyal Kangaroo.

Loyal Kangaroo.

A mother kangaroo met with an accident by getting hit by a car in Australia. Her baby was on the road. So a lady named Len Richards brought the baby to her home and gave her the name“lulu”. And she takes care of the baby and keeps her as a pet in her large farm. In 2003, Len gets unconsciously knocked and the lulu started yapping till their family founds Len. Thus, nobody was expecting a loyal kangaroo.


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