How would you feel when you are just a meter away from a whale? Have you ever wonder about, what will happen if a human is swallowed by the whale? Could a human body survive after been swallowed by a whale and what will happen next? This is an unusual question, but when you think about it, it makes you threatful.

You may know that the blue whale is the largest animal on the planet earth. Its mouth is big enough to swallow about 400 to 500 people at a time. What if I say that a person can be found alive after getting swallowed by a whale. yeah, it's may sound threat fully unbelievable, but the anatomy of the whale makes it possible.

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Itis an incident of 1891, a report that emerged in American newspapers that a man was swallowed by a sperm whale. The name of this person was James Bartley.  You will be surprised to know that he was still alive days later in the stomach of the whale,  to tell the story about how he was feeling inside the whale.

This happened while he was sailing a ship and a sperm whale attacked his ship and swallowed him up.  Some crew found that a man was swallowed by a whale, they quickly killed the whale and cut the whale to get the man out. He was surprised to get an unconscious but aliveJames.  His face and hands were bleached white and he was found blind due to the stomach acid of the whale.

For many years people were eager to know the truth behind James and whale story.They were not believing that a whale has swallowed the James and he is alive.

After a lot of research with the help of science, it is found that, if you are swallowed by a whale, you can get out back with a least of worries of white bleach skin.

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Do you know every tooth of a whale is almost 20 cm long, about the length of a knife? And they have about 40-50 such teeth. Then you can think that if you want to save yourself then you must be lucky enough to pass of these teeth,while you get swallowed up. 

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Let'shave a journey to know more about what will happen if you are being swallowed by a whale. Once you are swallowed, then you will start to fell off inside. You will find that there are too dark and slimy inside the whale. Due to the lack of oxygen, you may find it hard to breathe. And you will find an increase in the methane(CH4) gas there. After that, you will find that the troat muscles of the whale constricting in and out, which will make you go downer. As you all know that there is hydrochloric acid inside the stomach that helps to digest the food. And as you will move down toward the stomach of the whale, the first and the largest stomach. There you may find bioluminescent squid as it is a favorite food of sperm whale. You may enjoy this light show but after this, you are going to be tossed from one stomach to the other and the acid present in the stomach, starts to break all the parts of your body until your all bonesget ejected out of the whale body.


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Yeah,this is true that there is no chance that you will be swallowed whole by the whale and neither you can be alive to tell the story.

You should know that the whale doesn't have any interest in eating humans. But you must think once, what if it happened.


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